Katie Trapani


Matt Froncek

Wedding Party

Jill Brown

Maid of Honor

Jill (or Jillian as Katie knows her) is Katie’s best friend. The Brown and Trapani families have lived next door to each other for over 25 years. Despite a 3-year age difference, Katie and Jill became fast friends. Whether playing “box Barbies” or doing “bead work,” Jill always knew how to make Katie laugh. Even after college and separate careers, Katie and Jill remain close friends. Katie is excited to have her friend of 25 years stand with her as she marries Matt.

Cara Trapani


Cara is Katie’s sister-in-law and friend. After years of begging her parents, Katie gave up on having a sister in the family until her brother Chris met Cara. Cara truly knows what it means to be supportive and caring and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Katie and Cara are often mistaken as sisters. Even though not related by DNA, Katie is proud to say Cara is her sister.

Brittany Jessup


Brittany is Matt’s younger sister. Brittany and her family recently moved to Gatesville, Texas, a small town where her husband grew up. Despite the bugs, Brittany loves the open space and all the joys that come with living in a small town.

Karisa Trapani


Karisa is the newest member of the Trapani family after marrying Katie’s brother Danny in June 2018. Karisa’s outgoing personality and love for animals made for a quick friendship with Katie. Whether Karisa is teaching Katie how to paint/restore old furniture or sending hilarious memes, Katie is lucky to have her around.

Valeria Koenigsberg


Valeria and Katie became friends a few years ago through Katie's brother Andy. Valeria teaches preschool at an Italian school in San Francisco. She recently moved to the city to be closer to work and loves it.

Hubert Leo

Best Man

Hubert Leo, known as Leo to most, is one of Matt’s oldest friends. They grew up in Castro Valley and still love to play computer games together. Leo moved to Burbank to work for Disney Animation Studios. Leo has worked on a number of films with Disney including Wreck It Ralph, Frozen and Zootopia. Katie and Matt love to go to see the movies in theaters and watch for Leo’s name in the credits.

Dustin Doucet

Best Man

Dustin and Matt met in middle school and have been best friends ever since. Dustin and his family own a bar in Castro Valley. Without fail, Dustin is always willing to help Matt whether it is moving him across town or selling used laptops to friends.

Danny Trapani


Danny is Katie’s oldest brother. An avid musician, Danny has planned a number of instruments including clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, guitar, piano, and his favorite, the air drums. He is currently following in his family’s footsteps and training to get his pilot’s license.

Andy Trapani


Andy is Katie’s older brother. Andy is a fan of all sports and even plays soccer on an adult league each weekend. Katie had the opportunity to see the San Francisco Giants play in Game 7 of the National League Championship a few years ago and of course brought Andy to join in the fun. To this day, this is one of their favorite memories together.

Chris Trapani


Chris is Katie’s younger brother. One of Chris’s favorite activities is to fly, and he even has his pilot license. Chris and Matt have definitely bonded over their interest in technology. Matt even gave Chris Cat6 cable as a wedding gift for Chris to rewire his house.


Ring Bearer

Jordan is Matt’s 9-year old nephew and a lover of science. He always loved when Matt would play “zombie” or wrestle with him. Jordan is currently a 3rd grader at an elementary school in Texas.


Flower Girl

Makenzie is Matt’s 4-year old niece. She is very excited to show off her pretty dress and jewelry while walking down the aisle.
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