Katie Trapani


Matt Froncek

Katie Trapani and Matt Froncek

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Our Story

Matt and Katie met in December of 2012. Matt was working in the Protective Force Division at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Katie was living in San Ramon and working at an animal shelter. Like many other couples nowadays, Matt and Katie met online. After talking and texting for a while, they met for their first date at a fondue restaurant. Even though Katie showed up late (she got lost and couldn’t find parking), they spent 4 hours in the restaurant chatting and have been together ever since.

After two career changes, two years of graduate school, five moves, countless sushi dates, and five years together, Matt proposed! They were in Disneyland celebrating their birthdays (April 28 for both of them), and Matt asked Katie to marry him on Main Street looking down towards the iconic castle. She of course said yes!
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